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There are many different ways by which you or a loved one may be injured through medical malpractice. Many times, patients do not even realize that the actions or inactions of healthcare providers have caused their injury or worse-than-expected outcomes. And, patients are often not told the exact details of how and where their medical care went wrong. While not all bad outcomes are medical malpractice, only an attorney experienced in analyzing and understanding the facts of your case can tell you whether your own outcome was in fact the result of “negligent” medical care.   

Any attorney who takes on a medical malpractice case must first understand the critical medical concepts related to your case. Because most attorneys have not also studied medicine, they routinely need to rely upon physicians and other medical practitioners with the education and experience necessary to guide attorneys through the medical parts of malpractice cases. Dr. Lowe has the rare combination of medical and legal education and experience to offer you and your family the best representation possible for your medical malpractice claim.

Dr. Lowe has extensive medical and legal experience in cases involving:


Surgical Complications

Injuries occurring during surgeries of all types, including brain and spine surgery


Surgical Errors

Misplacement of spinal instrumentation


Post-Surgical Complications

Failure to diagnose and treat infections and blood clots after surgery


Medical Errors

Misdiagnosis or improper treatment of spine fractures, spinal cord injury, and brain injury


Inadequate Care

Failure to provide appropriate emergency care for a wide variety of brain and spine conditions


Neurological Emergency Delays

Delay in diagnosis and treatment of stroke and other neurological emergencies


Brain and Spine Mistreatment Consequences

Permanent injuries and/or wrongful death due to mistreatment of brain and spine diseases

If you believe that you or a family member may have been harmed by medical malpractice, please contact Dr. Lowe at We’ll respond to you so that you have the opportunity to learn more about what happened during your medical care, and whether your outcome is in fact related to medical malpractice.”

“James Lowe, MD, JD is a member of the PA Bar, but can evaluate your case and potentially participate in your representation no matter where you are located.”

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